Monday, August 5, 2013

Testimonial from Irina and Ayité, Abigael's parents

We highly recomend Claire as a doula to accompany you for the birth of your child. We are a young international couple and we recently had our first baby. Claire has accompanied us throughout the pregnancy and was there for the whole labour (over 14 hours). She has come to our place before giving birth and helped us prepare for the big day, gave us numerous advices and supported us in preparying our own birth plan. She was on standby for the delivery and when we called her late one Saturday , she immediately came to the hospital (she was there even before we arrived!!!) She helped me and my husband in numerous ways during the labour, she was present for every detail that I needed - massage, bath, exercices and helped us communicate with the hospital midwives and staff. We are very satified with her services and convinced that we will again request her services for our second child. All in all I highly recomend her for any couple that wishes to have a non-medicalised support throughout this important day, we would not have made it soo well without her!!!

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